Global Warming Debate: Sad, But True

So a meeting to clear the air of tribal antagonism was called off due to tribal antagonism.
“It’s ironic, but it’s where we are,” Mass said. “There’s a very interesting conversation to be had about global warming, about the limits of the science and what we know. But we aren’t going to have it.”
An article about a cancelled debate about global warming. Please read the article at the link. I agree with it and I also agree that ocean acidification is a huge issue that does not get near the attention it deserves because global warming sucks all of air out of the room.


  1. Google ‘conenssti energy’ to discover what has driven average global temperature since 1610. Follow a link in that paper to a paper that gives an equation that calculates average global temperatures with 90% accuracy since before 1900 using only one external forcing. Carbon dioxide change has no significant influence. The average global temperature trend is down.


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