Friday Night Football: Tornado, Wind, Lightning Threat

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that more than one thousand high school football games are in the path of tomorrow afternoon and evening's forecast thunderstorms. That is what is giving many meteorologists heartburn as we watch this situation unfold.
This is the forecast probabilities of large hail, damaging winds, or tornadoes from tomorrow afternoon and evening. In the hatched area, violent tornadoes are possible along with 2" or larger hail, and wind gusts in excess of 60 mph. Tornadoes are more likely in the purple and red areas but can't be completely eliminated in the yellow areas.

Regardless of the tornado threat, these storms will have cloud-to-ground lightning and will, in places, have forward speeds of 35+mph. So, they will move in rather quickly.

Using some experimental computer models, here is some information that might be of help for planning purposes. This is the forecast radar for approximately 5-7pm CDT (the models are good with position, less good on timing).

And, here is the forecast from 8 to 10:30pm.

Here are the tornado safety rules for schools.


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