Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Great Work From AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions

Via Twitter, storm chaser Ben Holcomb gave a shout out to the Kansas Turnpike for displaying this tornado warning in terms of mileposts on May 19.
By using mileposts, it makes it easy for motorists to avoid the hazard.

That warning was issued by AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions' Rich Putnam as the Turnpike is one of our SkyGuard® clients.

ADDITION: I received an email about this posting asking where motorists are supposed to go if there is a tornado. The Turnpike has 30 (!), publicized shelters along its entire length listed by milepost. There is a list here.


  1. Another example, somewhat blurred though, from the same day :


  2. Are you saying Accuweather issued that tornado warning or an Accuweather employee translated the NWS warning to provide specific milemarker information for the client?

  3. @Darly: We issue our own tornado warnings for our SkyGuard® clients.

  4. Thanks for the info! I have printed the listing of shelters off, and will place them in our vehicles for future reference if needed.

    Mike B


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