Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Way to Regulate Storm Chasing

Over the last few days, many have proposed (here is one if you haven't been following the story) regulating tornado chasers.

While my inclination has been to oppose it (won't rehash, see here and other postings below), I've been trying to think of a way to constructively regulate to everyone's benefit. I think I have found it.

Everyone can storm chase except those that have used a certain adjective to describe their video. And, that word is:
They are barred for life.

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  1. You know who needs rules? Skiers. On average around 40 young people die each year from skiing.


    Typically slope deaths involve males in their teens to late 40s who are intermediate or better skiers, wearing a helmet, and traveling at a high rate of speed when they lose control. Of the 38 who died last season, 30 were males.

    Tragic - young deaths.


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