Official Sport for the State of Kansas

The official sport for the State of Kansas just may be people running outside when a tornado warning is in effect to confirm the threat themselves before taking action.

Mike spoke last evening to the Larned, Kansas ag community about the importance of heeding the warnings from the meteorologists when the possibility of a tornado exists. Mike was the keynote speaker at the J.A Haas building at the Larned Fair Grounds at the American AgCredit Customer Meetings event.
In Mike's book WARNINGS: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather, Mike warns the reader not to put your life in danger by running outside or by standing in front of a window as a tornado approaches. Mike's book is all true and reads like a novel and it offers you lifesaving information that will make a difference in the way you react to a tornado warning. Pick one up today so that you may be prepared for tornado season just around the corner.


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