Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Global Warming Good News: More Pollen

For years, global warming zealots have been hyping the speculation about more pollen as a result of global warming. Here is a story from 2008.

I'm changing planes at O'Hare at the moment and I just saw a "crawl" on CNN touting a "new study" about more pollen. So, I did a little checking and there is nothing "new" about it. The study was done in 2011 according to this press release from the National Resources Defense Council (issued 3/6). It says that allergy-producing plants will "thrive." Seems plausible.

Here is why this is good news: All plants will thrive in a warmer atmosphere with more carbon dioxide. Longer growing seasons mean more food for a hungry world. Of course, that is a benefit Big Environment never mentions.

Cooling, on the other hand, means shorter growing seasons and food shortages. Me? I'll take warming.

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