Yet Another Reason to Have a Home Disaster Center...

...with at least seven days of water and food, batteries, flashlight, fire extinguisher, essential medicines, etc. I try never to let my gas tank get too close to empty.

Why do I bring this up? NOAA is again warning of the danger of a major solar storm which is very similar to the threat posed by a EMP bombs...which has been a major topic in the blogsphere the last few days (see here and here for just two examples).

Does China have an EMP bomb? Heck if I know. I'll let President Obama worry about it.

But, to us, it does not matter: the basics of disaster preparedness are pretty much the same, regardless of the threat. The art and science of being able to cope with disasters is, by definition, the ability to cope with the unexpected. Just be prepared to be self-sufficient for an extended period of time -- then live your life with the peace of mind preparedness brings.


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