Kansas Flight Film Festival

From their press release. Sounds like fun.

On Saturday, August 13th, the Kansas Aviation Museum in conjunction with the Wichita Orpheum Theater is presenting the 1st Annual Wichita Aviation Film Festival. The festival features three films: the WWII epic Flying Tigers at 10am, the Cold War era Dr. Strangelove at 2pm and Harrison Ford's Air Force One at 7pm with a reception at 6pm.

The Kansas Aviation Museum and the Orpheum Theater would like to announce the inclusion of three dynamic speakers who will offer ten minutes of detailed information related to the topic as a prelude to each film.

For Flying Tigers, local Charles Chauncey, pilot of the 704th B-29 produced in Wichita and stationed in the Pacific theater, will be on hand to convey his experience of war-time operations and how they affected the life of a pilot.

Prior to Dr. Strangelove, retired Lt. Col. George Sevick will be on hand to share his experience flying not only B-52's but indeed the very B-52 that is on display at the Kansas Aviation Museum. Lt. Col. Sevick was a navigator/bombardier during Vietnam and spent nearly thirty years with Boeing Wichita working on the B-52 program.

Lastly, Boeing Presidential Airlift program director Kristen Kniest will join us for the 6pm reception and a presentation regarding the film Air Force One, detailing how well the producers of the film matched the reality of life aboard the iconic plane with the demands for dramatic effect during filming.


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