Saturday, April 9, 2011

9:25pm Storm Update

UPDATE, Sunday Morning: If you would like to see video of the tornado, see posting above.


Danbury, IA update:  Considerable damage with injuries. Numerous storm chasers were first responders and helped go door-to-door to search for victims. Katelyn Pfeister says it was a direct hit of at least F2 or F3 intensity. Dick McGowan reports from the scene:

Lady survived laying in ditch. Husband panicking he lost her. Thankfully have not seen serious injuries. Darin and Jordan helped a lady who couldn't walk.

Roger Hill says he personally saw at least ten tornadoes in western Iowa, with three very large tornadoes (known as "wedge" tornadoes).

Radar at 9:22pm shows strong thunderstorms across northern Iowa and southern Minnesota as well as near both Sioux City and Sioux Falls. There are no warnings in effect at this moment.

UPDATE: News story here.

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