Big Environment Butts In

Here in Kansas, Sunflower Electric has been trying to build a coal-fired power plant for about five years. They finally got a permit for a scaled-down version in autumn 2010 and now Big Environment (motto: "Don't do anything, anytime, anywhere to make our lives better!") has injected itself into the process yet again.

Some group called Earthjustice, which doesn't even have an office in Kansas, has according to the Associated Press, "demanded more aggressive action by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ... telling a regional administrator on Tuesday that he's legally obligated to object to a state permit allowing the project." They have joined the Sierra Club in objecting to the plant.

The Obama Administration has been ruled in contempt of court (ruling here) for not allowing U.S. companies to drill for oil in the Gulf (Chinese and Cuban drilling continues). Big Environment is against a pipeline bringing Canadian oil into the U.S. And, now, they don't want new power, wind or coal, to be built in Kansas.

Dow Jones' Industrial Average last ten days from WSJ online
Do these people read the papers? There is huge turmoil in the Middle East. Seen the price of gasoline lately? How about the unemployment rate? Or, the stock market decline in synch with the rapid rise in oil prices?
Price of oil the last ten days from Wall Street Journal online
I wish these groups cared as much about the welfare of human beings as much as they claim to care about the prairie chickens.

ADDITION: Steve Forbes adds his thoughts


  1. Ya know, there going to have to be some legal beagles formed to combat these little bastards. Until the other side strikes back they will continue to steam roll. when will people be willing to stand up for themselves or are they willing to be sheep\?

  2. Coal plants actually don't make our lives better. They cause a whole host of health and environmental problems, both of which end up costing us money.
    (just my 2 cents)

  3. Anonymous: Appreciate your comment. Are you in favor of nuclear?

  4. If nuclear didn't create extremely hazardous waste and potentially hide weapons programs in hostile nations, then I'd be in full support of it. Unfortunately these are still big issues with nuclear. Don't get me wrong it's an amazing and fascinating technology. I look forward to seeing the results from the research being done by TerraPower. In the meantime I think solar should be the top priority, it's a game-changing technology.

  5. Thanks for getting back to us and glad you allow for nuclear, particularly the very promising new technologies.

    If you have read this blog for very long you know I am cheering solar on. I believe it has the potential to do very big things as reasonable cost. The problem is it isn't ready for "prime time" yet and we need more power for a growing population, thus I support the Sunflower plant.

    Thanks again for your comments.


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