Friday, March 26, 2010

Global Warming: Is There Anything It Can't Do? Part III

This must be the week for outlandish global warming claims. National Geographic (which really should know better) is the latest culprit.

Here is my "favorite" (sarcasm) part:  

Global warming could also precipitate violence by increasing "eco migration," or migration forced by some cataclysmic environmental event. (See "Climate Change Creating Millions of 'Eco Refugees,' UN Warns.")

I just posted on the subject of "Eco-Migration" in the "Earth Hour" item below. There was a prediction the earth would be overwhelmed by an "exodus of eco-refugees" by the year 2000. 

In the biometeorology course I took in college we learned that crime spikes during heat waves and current research still indicates that is the case. But, if global warming is a primary driver of crime, why wasn't worldwide crime off the charts in 1998 when earth's temperatures peaked?

In fact, given the temperature peak in 1998 and the prediction of the "eco-exodus" by 2000, it would have seemed to be a good "test case" of the hypothesis that global warming would drive crime and a related-migration. 

Since neither occurred, I guess we have found another thing global warning cannot do. 

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