Friday, January 6, 2017

California Flooding Update

I know there is snow and freezing rain the Southeast. There are also, it seems, a million and one blogs covering it.

By Tuesday, the big meteorological news story will be the flooding in California and, with some advance planning, some the damage caused by the flooding and, most of all, any injuries, can be mitigated.

Let's begin with the rain (and snow at higher elevations) that has already fallen since January 1.
Via NWS. No data east of Nevada.

The rains that will begin tonight and tomorrow will be intense and accompanied by high winds (meaning power failures a possible) and will last into Sunday with a second round starting on Tuesday. Here is the forecast rainfall for the next five days.
Yes, that is 21+ inches in an area that has already experienced eight inches. That is why we are so concerned about flooding. I believe, when all is said an done, this will be the worst flooding since the start of the new millennium.

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