Very Dangerous Tornado Situation Developing

Please take a good look at the post below if you live in the Southeast. The probability of violent tornadoes has increased for the nighttime hours. 

Four people died in Hattiesburg because of a 4am tornado. The same type of situation could develop this evening and overnight.
Please allow me to explain what you are viewing. The brown area has a significant chance of a tornado, it is roughly the threshold of the NWS issuing a tornado watch. The yellow is a an enhanced risk of a tornado. The red is a high (in my opinion) risk of a tornado.

The hatched area is where violent tornadoes could occur. 

There is also the risk of giant hail, similar to the risk this morning. The hatched area may have hail >2" in diameter.
So what do you do?

Make sure you have at least two ways of getting a warning.
  • NOAA WeatherRadio 
  • Sign up for the excellent WeatherCall
  • The AccuWeather app will let you know if a watch or warning is issued. 
You have time to do all of these. Also, put your car, lawn furniture and anything that can blow about inside. 

I will update at least twice before I retire tonight. 


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