11:50am Tweaks to Ice Storm Forecast

Here is my latest forecast. By "traffic hazard" I mean roads will be in bad shape but there will not be widespread power failures. There will be areas that get locally heavier freezing rain. In the areas with more dire labeling, the chance of power failures increases. Where I am calling it a "disaster," there is the possibly of power failures lasting a week or more.
The important thing, once the rain has begun to fall, is to stay off the road unless absolutely necessary! Can't emphasize that enough.

If the rain has not begun in your area, here are recommended preparatory measures:

  • Making sure critical prescriptions are filled.

  • Make sure your fuel tank is full.

  • Make sure you have extra cash (ATMs and credit card machines don't work when the power is out)

  • If you have a generator, make sure you have fuel. If you think you need a generator, now is a good time even if this storm does not pan out but get on that right away.

  • Consider a "inverter" to keep phone charged, computer charged, and, with a large inverter, maybe an appliance or two. 

  • Backup critical data. 
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    1. Latest GFS brings in warmer air and lower amounts of ice accumulation across south-central NE. Your forecast is opposite of that, what is your reasoning? I agree with your forecast more, just wondering how you came to your conclusion. I am in Grand Island

    2. And most of this advice is something we should all be doing already. I've flat told my wife she's never to leave our property w/o a week's supply of the Pyridostigmine Bromide she has to take several times a day for her Myasthenia Gravis in her purse. If she runs out of that, it can mean she dies (my definition of "critical Rx"). You never know when something will happen that keeps you from getting back home. Today, we know it's going to be tough getting anywhere for a few days.


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