Saturday, October 8, 2011

How Steve Jobs Made Weather Products Better

Macintosh computers at AccuWeather
The passing of Steve Jobs earlier this week hit me hard.

I've asked myself why and it was because the Macintosh and the company I founded, WeatherData, Inc., were so tightly linked for so many years.  With its unsurpassed graphics capability, the Mac allowed us to create full color weather packages for newspapers that were better and more timely than the newspapers could do for themselves. WeatherData grew rapidly as a result.

Even after I sold WeatherData to AccuWeather, the Mac continues both in AccuWeather's Wichita and State College offices to create great graphics in our products. This blog is written on a MacBook Pro.

AccuWeather's Grace Muller picks up the story.


  1. Agreed, he and other entrepreneurs (like yourself) make our lives better. My first computer was a Mac SE. I like the take home message in the following link.

    Steve Jobs, philanthropist



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