Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What I Mean by NASA "Tweaking" the Climate Record

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Compare the charts. With each tweak recent times get warmer and past decades get colder. Full details here. As the article says,

NASA GISS has been quite blatant in modifying the data even though they are aware that all the older versions exist in electronic archives. They have got away with it because no one in the major media or Congress seems interested in calling them on it.

To those outside of atmospheric science, I'm sure this seems incredible (as in "not credible"). It is, but this type of tweaking/fudging has been going on for quite some time.

In my global warming presentations, I have commented that it is quite possible that global warming is clearly a problem but the proponents have mucked up the data and the science so badly it is impossible to tell!

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  1. Even if global warming is happening, and even if some amount (probably miniscule) is caused by humanity, why are people that upset. History shows that the planet has a higher biomass during the warmest periods. There will be more space for humanity and the production of food than there is now. Of course the population will have to make some shifts in location, but so what. It's going to happen over several (or scores) of generations. If we can't adapt to that we probably need to be supplanted by a more robust species.


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