Friday, November 5, 2010

Volcano Chasers

I didn't know there were people who go around the world chasing volcanoes like the people who chase tornadoes. Andy Revkin has the story.

My friend, Dr. Joe D'Aleo, has contended that below normal volcanic activity contributed to the global warming period from 1978 to 1998. With the increased volcanic activity these days, one must be concerned it will lead to cooler temperatures in the next year or two.


  1. Mike: I haven't looked at the data for the time period in which Joe refers. I assume that the lack of activity in the other years made up for the St. Helens eruption ('80) and Pinatubo ('91)?

  2. Good questions, Rodney. St. Helens exploded sideways and didn't put much "gunk" into the stratosphere where it stays for months. Pinatubo did foul the stratosphere and some researchers believe the following summer was colder than normal as a result. A few of them take it a step further and blame the quasi-stationary boundary between and cold and warm air in the summer of '92 for the extreme flooding in the Midwest and eastern Plains.


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