Yet Another Non-Atmospheric Scientist Global Warming "Expert"

A number of newspapers yesterday carried the story about the "climate rapid-response team" (CRR). The purpose of the CRR is to,

On Monday [today], the American Geophysical Union, the country’s largest association of climate scientists, plans to announce that 700 climate scientists have agreed to speak out as experts on questions about global warming and the role of man-made air pollution.
Some are prepared to go before what they consider potentially hostile audiences on conservative talk-radio and television shows.

So who came up with this plan? According to the article, Dr. John Abraham of the University of Minnesota. He is called a "climate scientist." What are his qualifications? From his web personal web page,

Ph.D. 2002, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
M.S. 1999, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
B.S. 1997, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota

John's primary focus is the education of undergraduates in mechanical engineering courses with a goal of preparing them for substantial careers in heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and computational methods. John's career to date has involved incorporating experimental work in heat transfer and fluid mechanics with computational studies. He has worked on a wide variety of both academic and industrial projects. Included here are positions with the Department of Energy at Los Alamos National Laboratory and as a researcher on a National Science Foundation grant. John's industrial activities have involved experimental and computational work for companies such as Donaldson Co., Augustine Medical, Remmele Engineering, Urologix, and Caterpillar.

See anything about meteorology or atmospheric science? As is too often the case, the answer is no.

For the many new readers we have on the blog, this is one of the problems with "global warming" -- most of its strongest zealots have never been inside an atmospheric science classroom. Conversely, meteorologists tend to be skeptical of the IPCC's hypothesis.

It never seems to occur to the media to check the credentials of the people they are quoting. Keep this in mind when you hear these people quoted in the future.


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