Last Minute Security Travel Trip

UPDATE FRIDAY: Doctors are agreeing. The TSA gloves are real health hazard.


Now that TSA agents are reaching inside underwear , breaking uroscopy bags, and other things we might prefer not to ponder, you might wonder where else the TSA's gloves have been. This has occurred to readers of Instapundit:

I’d suggest that anyone thinking of opting for the “pat downs” may want to ask the TSA agent when they last changed their gloves. I would worry about just what little “friends” were being carried on the gloves from previous searches.
And reader Benjamin Wang emails:
A disgusting thought, but I’ve never seen a TSA screener change gloves. It would be interesting to send in a HAZMAT team to test several sets of gloves and see what’s on them. And publicize the results.
Remember: The gloves are for their protection. Not yours.

Plus, Dr. Alan Reitz emails on the glove-changing thing: “As a health care provider, I thought of this issue last week while going through the airport. If I did not change gloves between patients even if touching the patient on the arm, the health/infection control department would come down like a ton of bricks.”

The TSA says you have the right to make the security guard change their gloves (click here):

  • You have the right to ask a Security Officer to change her/his gloves during the physical inspection of your accessible property, before performing a physical search (pat-down,) or any time a Security Officer handles your footwear.

I suggest you take advantage of that right and insistent the security guard change gloves before touching you, your children, or your property.

And, more travel advice from The Storm Chasers' author Jenna Blum ,

 Overheard on plane, mom to kids: "Sit back & enjoy your Benadryl. This isn't Mommy's first time at the rodeo."

Hope your travels go smoothly and you have a great Thanksgiving!!


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