Hurricanes Have NOT Gotten Worse As Global Temperatures Have Warmed

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Two weeks ago, as Hurricane Delta was approaching the Louisiana coast, the usual suspects were trying to convince the public that hurricanes are getting worse due to global warming. That simply is not true. I'm going to run down the evidence so you can see for yourself. 

The United States

With a big thank you to Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr. for compiling the data, here is the record of yearly landfalling hurricanes in the United States. The trend line is slightly down. 

If global warming was causing hurricanes to increase, the bars on the graph would be more or less consistently moving up along with global temperatures (orange background).

Global Hurricanes
There is no effect here, either. The ACE index (above) is a peer-reviewed metric that combines hurricane number and intensity. The green line is the global ACE since 1972. We can't go back farther because we didn't have global satellite coverage which is essential for computing the index. As you can see, the ACE is unchanged over this period while temperatures have risen.

If global warming was causing hurricanes to increase, the graph would look something like this.
The above graph is for illustration purposes, it is not a projection of actual data. 

You'll note the two graphs look nothing alike. Warning temperatures have not affected global or U.S. hurricanes. 

Worldwide - All Disasters
Courtesy of Bjorn Lomborg, the costs of disasters is going down worldwide -- not up -- as the global warming alarmists want you to believe. 

Please note: Because of its importance, I am leaving this post up for a few days. Also, I am deep in editing the manuscript of my third book, so I will not be available to post new content for a few days. 


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