Weather Science Provided Outstanding Warnings of Power Failures

The answer is, of course, yours truly as well as other meteorologists! 

This forecast was posted Sunday morning. The map was created by NWS meteorologist Steve Piltz.

It is a map of electrical power failure forecast based the index that he and Sid Sperry created. I added the commentary that the index, which already called for power failures, might be conservative because leaves are still on trees. I wrote:
The warning was repeated again Monday on this blog. Keep in mind this was beyond a weather forecast. Not only did we get the forecast of a rare major ice storm correct, we accurately forecasted the effects so people could prepare and response. 

As of Saturday morning, more than 400,000 Oklahomans are still without power. 

Weather science provided plenty of warning for people to be able to mitigate the effects of this highly unusual storm. 

But there was another source of major power failures this week, Hurricane Zeta. Here was an explicit forecast of power failures from Monarch Weather. 

Here is a map of the actual power losses:

Weather science should be an important part of every businesses' risk management strategy. To learn more, go here


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