Dangerous Ice Forecast For Oklahoma and Parts of Texas

  For reasons that escape me, there are no official winter storm watches or warnings out for Oklahoma. So, I am going to try to inform you about the developing ice storm and its effects. Note: it is possible areas of far southern Kansas - from Medicine Lodge to Winfield to Coffeyville - could see significant icing. 

Given that most trees still have their leaves, the accumulation of ice is likely to bring down power lines especially in the area in orange. My experience is that, in situations like these, power could be out for days or even a week or two. It is essential you prepare now

This is the Sperry-Piltz Ice Index. 

This index, while excellent, can be conservative when leaves are on trees. 

Preparation suggestions: 
  • Get prescriptions refilled asap. 
  • Make provisions for infirm friends and relatives. 
  • Visit the ATM to make sure you have adequate cash for days without power. Remember: ATMs and credit car machines may not work. 
  • Put an app like AccuWeather's on your smartphone. It will keep track of your location and automatically provide the latest warnings as you are on the go. 
  • Fill your car with fuel. 
  • If you have a generator, fill it with fuel. If you wish to purchase a portable generator, do not put it in the garage, indoors, or anywhere near an air intake. Carbon monoxide is a danger. The leading cause of deaths in Hurricane Laura was asphyxiation after the hurricane. 


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