Time to Get Ready For Tornado Season This Week

If last week's middle Tennessee tornadoes did not convince you, I hope this will.
Prof. Victor Gensini published this experimental forecast for next week (March 15-21) depicting a large area of above average tornado risk. While these forecasts are experimental, they has shown skill in the past. Prepare now!

If you haven't already, turn your smartphone into a "tornado alarm" (especially for nighttime use) by clicking here and following the easy instructions.

Then, get your shelter space ready. Clean things out so there is sufficient room for everyone in your household. Put a couple of bottles of water there, perhaps an old pair of shoes (in case you forget and go in barefooted), diapers (if appropriate) and, if you have a first-aid kit, store it there. You might also add any family heirlooms. Take in a list of family prescriptions.

Finally, you may need to do this for any family or friends not even able to do it themselves.


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