Don't Second Guess the President At This Time

The above sign couldn't be more apropos. 

The "second guessing" has already begun. See this column by Dennis Prager. It is my opinion that column was written so he can point to it later and say, "I was right!" It is obvious that Mr. Prager has never been in a precedented (i.e., has never occurred in modern times) situation where there are dozens of unknowns.

Scott Adams, the creator of "Dilbert" has the perfect reply.
Are there dumb ideas floating around? Yes. The idea that Boeing should get $60 billion from the taxpayers to fix its incompetence  (like TARP did for the banks, we don't need to repeat that awful mistake) is ridiculous. There are, I'm sure, many others. That is why President Trump and his team are taking their time making these decisions. Will some or many be flawed? Certainly. But, that is the nature of war and we are at war against coronavirus.

As many know, I don't personally care for Mr. Trump. But, he is our President and we owe him our support at this difficult time. As Scott Adams says, we need to judge how he fixes things when more is known and how he implements policies to fix the rot at CDC, FDA and CIA (yes, CIA) when the crisis has passed.

In the meantime: Please support your fellow citizens and, especially, small businesses in your area. Maybe even consider how Christians helped their fellow man during Roman times.


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