No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

In the posting below, I briefly mentioned some of the criticism I have been getting for my "tornado alarm" idea. The criticism has continued throughout today with the item above just one of them. I guess I didn't realize the entrenched interests would oppose a new, and better, way to get storm warnings during the night.

So, let's go through this person's issues one-by-one,
  • I am not the VP of AccuWeather. I retired two years ago this month. 
  • Even if I was the VP, so what? Even though AccuWeather's App is free, I doubt he/she gives away photography free. 
  • Don't know why he has a problem with the AccuWeather App. I believe the app is excellent, most especially for its storm warning capability.
  • But, I recommend pairing the AW app with the NWS/FCC WEA system. That makes it a powerful storm warning system with redundancy. But, I guess 50-year old weather radios are nostalgic to some, even though they are no longer optimal.
  • So you'll know for the future, it is an insult to call a meteorologist a "weatherman." And, yes, I am very proud to live in Wichita even though I don't know what my location has to do with the tornado alarm concept. 
I am so old, I remember (50's and 60's) when people opposed putting seatbelts in cars. We can stay with old ways of doing things or we can save lives by moving to the state-of-the-art. Your choice.


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