Why Storm Damage is Increasing

We keep hearing about "billion dollar disasters." NOAA puts out maps all the time about them, trying to convince you that global warming is a crisis. But, here is one of the primary factors which inflates damages that NOAA doesn't consider.
Nashville housing density in 1940
Nashville housing density in 2020
Courtesy of Dr. Stephen Strader, the two maps above show the housing density of Nashville in 1940 and then, 80 years later, in 2020. The two black lines on both maps indicate the width of the path of last week's Nashville tornado. Please note how many more dwellings the tornado affected this year than 80 years ago -- which has a major effect on the damage total that isn't considered by NOAA. The same thing is true with the major development of high-end housing along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts.

I have been answering literally dozens of questions and comments from people blaming the Nashville  (EF-3) and Cookeville (EF-4) tornadoes on global warming. The reverse is actually true. Major tornadoes have become less frequent in recent years as the graph below demonstrates.


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