24 Reported Dead. The Nashville - Tennessee Overnight Tornado

An awful overnight tornado struck central Tennessee beginning around 12:34am this morning. The death toll is now reported to be 24 (revised downward) as of 8pm. 
Photo by Jenny Searcy - Relayed via Twitter
Screen capture from video by Jim Shamburger
This is not depicting lightning. It is a "power flash" due to
short-circuited power lines.
Via Twitter
Here is an image from the Terminal Doppler Weather Radar near the Nashville airport showing the
tornado at the approximate time of the power flash, 12:42am.

The Capital Weather Gang assembled the map below based on radar reports.
Capital Weather Gang - via Twitter
Click to enlarge
The Capital Weather Gang has more on the damage.

Tornadoes overnight are especially deadly. Worsening this situation is that the tornado watch was not issued until 11:20am, after people retired for the night, so they were not made aware to stay up and monitor the weather.
See posting above to configure your smartphone into a free nighttime tornado alarm. 


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