Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday, 10:50pm: Hurricane Irma Update

Note: This posting has been updated, please scroll up. 

Satellite image at 10:40pm.

The hurricane stalled for a time and is now creeping to the northwest as this plot of the center indicates. I've circled Miami and Key West.
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The image below shows:
  • Brown is the diameter of hurricane force winds (sustained winds, as opposed to gusts, of 75 mph or stronger).
  • Orange is the diameter of tropical storm force winds (sustained winds of 39-74 mph).
  • Reds are hurricane warnings.
  • Blue is a tropical storm warning.
  • M = "major" hurricane. H = Cat. 1or Cat. 2 force winds (refers to wind speeds only). S is tropical storm force winds. 

A couple of points I would like readers in Florida to know.
  • The first is that hurricanes strengthen in winds that are more or less that same direction and speed from the ground, up. That has been the case since Irma became a hurricane. Looks like that is going to change in about 24 hours. I agree with the Hurricane Center reducing the forecast speed on Monday. 
  • I do believe there will be some strengthening Sunday from maximum the 120 mph winds currently. Not everyone will be affected by the maximum winds. 
There is a serious threat of flooding. Rainfall amount forecast is below.
There is a risk of tornadoes and thunderstorms with wind gusts above 60 mph overnight.
The worst risk of tornadoes is along Florida's southeast coast from Ft. Pierce to Homestead. 

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