Ridiculous Rumors Regarding Hurricane Irma

Dear Readers,

As is usually the case with a major hurricane the rumors are flying off the charts. The latest (going around now on Twitter) is that Irma's sustained winds are now 225 mph. The sustained winds were just reconfirmed by the National Hurricane Center at a (terrible) 185 mph.

Yes, the hurricane (in terms of central pressure) is still intensifying, with current pressure of 916 mb.

I am board certified consulting meteorologist who has been dealing with hurricanes my entire career. What I can promise you during my coverage of Irma is hype-free, accurate coverage aimed at the public-at-large which complements AccuWeather's.

If you are a business, please contact AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions for business-specific information. We do not provide business-specific information on this blog.

That's all for now.



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