Hurricane Irma: 2:20pm Wednesday

The computer models, unfortunately, tell me it is time for south Florida to prepare for Irma's wind and surge. While not a "sure thing," there is enough evidence that the mandatory evacuation for Broward County (east of Federal Highway) and the Keys seems wise. I expect an evacuation will be ordered for parts of Dade and Palm Beach counties. If so, please comply. 

Update: 6:38pm CDT: Mandatory Evacuation ordered for Zones and A & B in Miami-Dade.

While the exact path is still uncertain, there is the potential for wind speeds greater 100 mph in
Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. If things come together the wrong way, Irma could strike with full force.

So, What Do I Do Now?
  • If you live in the Keys and Broward country, follow evacuation orders. Be sure and turn off the water, gas and electricity before you leave. (thanks to the commenter below)
  • Remember to photograph your possessions. If possible, upload to one of the online services to insure you have them in case they are needed for insurance purposes. 
  • If you live in Dade or Palm Beach counties, consider leaving if you want to beat the crowd. 
  • There are many preparatory lists; use one. Make sure you get prescriptions refilled. 
  • If you are a tourist in southeast Florida, make plans to leave NOW, even if that were to involve (because flights are full) driving to Orlando or southwest Florida regional. Do not count on the airlines for your safety. 
If Irma hits at full force, electricity will be off for weeks in some areas. Without electricity, there will be flooding, sewer backups, etc. You do not want to be there. 


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