11:10am EDT Sunday: Hurricane Irma Update

There is so much to say that I can hardly cover it all.

  • More than 1.35 million customers across 24 Florida counties are without power, Florida Power and Light says (H/t = CNN)
  • Large construction has collapsed in downtown Miami (H/t, WPLG-TV)
  • The eye has made landfall at Cudjoe Key about 20 mi. ENE of Key West with measured wind gusts to 120 mph. Landfall was 9:10am EDT. This is the first time since 1851 that two category 4 hurricanes have made landfall in the USA in the same season.
  • The NWS radar at Key West has failed. Radar is back up!!
  • There is 5.2' storm surge in Miami's Biscayne Bay
The current position of Irma is 80 mi. SSE of Naples, Florida, headed toward Naples. Satellite at 10:50am EDT.

Naples - Ft. Myers are next in line. Tampa has not taken a direct hit in nearly a century. 

Maximum winds are still around 125 mph. Storm surge will be vicious and life-threatening. The storm is moving north at 8pm. Here is the NWS wind forecast.

Below is the general threat map for tornadoes and thunderstorms with damaging wind gusts (outside of the storm's eye):

That is the best information I have for now. 


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