Friday 10:30pm: Hurricane Irma Update

The plot thickens.

Irma restrengthened this evening as indicated below. However, it is now very close to Cuba and the last few satellite images indicate a slight weakening may be occurring.

The forecast track of Irma has been moved wet slightly, which puts Naples and the Tampa Bay area in greater jeopardy if Irma holds its strength.
Brown is the current location of sustained 75 mph or greater winds. Tan is the area of sustained 40 mph or stronger winds. The reds are the location of Irma at "major" strength (Cat 3 or greater).  Red is a hurricane warning while pink is a hurricane watch which has been extended farther north.

If you live along the west coast of Florida, please follow the advice of local authorities with regard to evacuations.

Addition: 10:55pm. Updated model forecast is in line with the wind forecast below.
Click to enlarge. Wind speeds in knots (knots x 1.15 = mph)

I do have a concern about some higher gusts in the Tampa Bay area up to around 100 mph.


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