Hurricanes Are NOT Getting Worse: These Articles Are Unfortunate

Whether it is Leonard Pitts or New Republic, the misinformation about global warming and its connection, if any, to U.S. hurricanes gotten really silly. Because the genuine science doesn't support the contention, their argument is reduced to this:

"And the timing of them, combined with the historic awfulness of them, feels more sinister than simple coincidence, does it not?"

"Feels more sinister"? -- The arguments for catastrophic global warming have jumped the shark.

Fact: Until August 25, 2017, when Harvey came ashore, the United States (including Hawaii) went a record 11 years and 10 months without a major hurricane. The period of record is from 1850 to the present. The former record was from 1900 to 1906, so we nearly doubled the previous record -- very good news. 

Fact: Worldwide, there is no upward trend in hurricanes. See the data for yourself (below).
Both graphs courtesy Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr., click to enlarge
Fact: Worldwide, natural disaster costs are lessening.
Is global warming an issue? Yes, it is, as I have stated many times. But, exaggeration or appeals to feelings do far more harm than good. 


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