Friday, May 8, 2015

Little Change to Saturday's Severe Weather Outlook

For tomorrow and tomorrow night, the risk of tornadoes -- perhaps violent -- and very large hail and damaging winds remains quite high. On this outlook 15% is the significant threshold. The hatching is where the most violent weather is expected.

I will not be "live blogging" but I will be updating on the weather later this afternoon and tomorrow.


  1. Mike do you think there is a possibility the SPC will downgrade (shrink) the moderate risk area for Saturday like they did the one for today, Friday? I was hoping for little to no severe weather over the weekend, especially on Mothers Day.

  2. Todd and Everyone: I PROMISE, if I have any reason to change the forecast, I will change the forecast. I don't "hold back."

    As to what SPC might do, please direct those questions to SPC. Thanks!!


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