Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Serious Flood Risk for Holiday Weekend!

I am getting quite concerned about the flash flood and river flood risk in the Southern Appalachians and Southeast. 

UPDATE 2pm EDT: Flash flood warnings including west Atlanta and Florida Panhandle. Average 87-minute delays at Atlanta Airport.

Added this photo from 11:36am CDT. This is just getting started in the region!
The soil is extremely wet and heavy rains are forecast and this is a holiday weekend when people are often out of touch and/or unfamiliar with the region they are visiting.

Here is the National Weather Service's area of flash flood warnings currently in effect (deep maroon) and flash flood and flood watches (greens):

We already have a long band of heavy rain occurring in the region according to AccuWeather Regional Radar:
The heaviest is from Panama City to Dothan to the west suburbs of Atlanta to southwest of Asheville as of 11:35am EDT. The orange link above will take you to the latest radar.

The forecast for the next five days is for extremely heavy additional rain on already-saturated ground.
This could lead to severe flooding. With the holiday weekend upon us, please keep up on the weather if you are traveling or recreating in this region. You should also keep up on the weather if you leave near a river or stream!

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