Sunday, July 7, 2013

News in San Francisco Crash

Above is video from CNN of the actual crash. You see a United 747 that was getting ready to take off near the end of runway 28R, one of the two parallel runways.  The Asiana 777 can be seen approaching runway 28L from over the Bay. The runway is 13 feet above sea level with a breakwater.

Per the NTSB news conference minutes ago, the Asiana 777's throttles (think of them as the accelerator pedal on your car) were at "idle" as the plane approaches. That is unusual. You see the plane's nose pitch up at the last moment. The NTSB says power was applied to the throttles at the last moment and the engines responded normally. You can see the back of the plane striking the breakwater.

I am certain the NTSB is going to be taking a hard look at this unusual approach.

The NTSB has also confirmed there was no wind shear.


  1. Tonight on CBS they mentioned that the "glide path" system was off due to construction.

    Mike B

  2. They could fly a VFR approach as it was clear yesterday in SFO.
    Pilot error. Once the black boxes are recovered and listened to and downloaded the NTSB will have a much more detailed idea of what happened at the end of that flight.

  3. Why aren't they asking the pilots what happened? I haven't seen any news story address this. They are acting as if the pilots died in the crash, which they didn't.

  4. Because, as I understand it, the pilots were injured. The Chair of the NTSB, at her news conference, said they have to give the pilots time to recover a bit. The NTSB expects to interview them later this week.