Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dr. Cliff Mass on the Yarnell Hill Fire Tragedy

A fascinating, and disturbing, analysis of what went wrong in the Yarnell Hill Fire from Dr. Cliff Mass. His conclusion: The deadly shift in winds was predictable. You can read his entire account here.

Excellent article from Climate Central here.

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  1. Mike, thanks for this post. My comment on his post
    Cliff, Great analysis. The 2013 Wildfire Safety refresher had two modules where they talked about the weather

    Tim, Excellent link
    [TimVashon said... Here is the url to the National Interagency Fire Center website, and "the rules" -the "10 Standard Fire Orders and 18 Watch Out Situations" -if anyone is interested.]
    and also this one

    Both of these lists are printed in the Fireline Handbook.

    The class room portion of the S-130/S-190 Wildfire Fire Fighter training are on-line.
    (current "red card")