Friday, April 5, 2013

Why We Need Better Weather Technology

The US experiences some of the most violent weather on the planet and Mike offers proof in this article

From blizzard conditions to devastating tornadoes, from droughts to flooding, from hurricanes to tsunamis, Mike Smith is the nation's leading expert in extreme weather. A speaker, author and innovator with 19 US and foreign patents, Mike is available to speak at your next business event or management meeting. Let Mike forecast success for your next event!

Mike's presentations will take your audience on a journey that intrigues, inspires, educates and entertains providing them with a clear call to action that can save lives, property and assets. A leader and innovator in the science of meteorology, Mike has a rare gift for combining leading-edge science and business savy with stories of people and events that are changing the way we live.

Call me today at 316-204-9969 and we can discuss how to put this leader to work for you or visit our website at for more information.

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