Precipitation the Last Week

Because of the importance of rainfall right now, here is a detailed look at the moisture that has fallen the last seven days ending at 6am CST this morning. The scale is at right.
Of course, quite a bit of snow has fallen in the northern Plains since 6am that is not accounted for on this map.

Beneficial rains over much of the Ohio Valley with more on the way.

While more scattered, lighter but still beneficial rains have been recorded in the lower Mississippi Valley.

So, how do the next ten days look?  My forecast that the weather pattern has changed still looks good. Here is the European model's precipitation forecast for the next ten days courtesy of AccuWeather's "Pro" site. This is from the European model run from data ending at 6am this morning.

We are a long way from breaking the drought but the weather pattern we are now in is much more conducive to rain and snow that even a week ago and it looks like that pattern will continue until at least Christmas.


  1. Mike,

    In the last 24 hours (now 1500), we have not even received a decent Trace of precipitation.

    'Tis getting beyond the bah humbug stage.

    John D'Aloia

    St. Marys, KS

  2. John, I feel your pain. That said, we will have had some measurable moisture in Kansas by the time Santa visits.


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