Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas - Boxing Day Winter Storm Update

Please see below for information on the major tornado threat for Christmas and Boxing Day.

The winter storm is about the intensity I've expected but might take a path a couple of counties (on average) farther south to the east of Oklahoma.

I'm going to present the information in two ways: Probability of 1" of more of snow and the probability of 4" or more.

Probability of 1" or More:

Now Until 6am Christmas Day

6am Christmas Day until 6am December 26

Probability of 4" or More:

Now until 6am Christmas Day

6am Christmas Day to 6am December 26 (Wednesday)

There will be areas of thundersnow where amounts will exceed ten inches. Those are impossible to pin down. 

There will be wind gusts of 30 mph or more throughout the Ozarks region which will cause drifting snow and, at best, difficult travel conditions. Oklahoma and Arkansas are not known for excellence in snow removal.

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  1. Holy cow, thunder snow! I will be tracking your updates.


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