More TSA Nonsense: Train in Topeka

Below is the TSA patrolling an Amtrak train last week in that high risk for terrorism spot, Topeka, Kansas.They boarded the train and asked questions of several passengers. I wonder if it has occurred to the TSA that trains cannot be steered into buildings.

For new readers, one of the stated goals of this blog is to help people evaluate and mitigate risks, meteorological and otherwise. The TSA has a budget eight times that of the National Weather Service's. They harass children and steal from checked baggage. They make us go through nude machines (the ones that look like two blue refrigerators on either side) with dangerous levels of radiation.* I absolutely refuse to go through these.
There is a new, informative and well-written, blog by a former TSA screener that I recommend. You'll certainly agree with us after you have read a few postings.

If you agree, I hope you'll make your concerns known to your congressional delegation and the White House. It is long past time to reign in the TSA.

* While I don't like them for privacy and cost reasons, the millimeter wave scanners do not seem to have health issues.


  1. The only answer to their question should be "none of your goddamn business" and a prominently raised third digit. The TSA needs to be defunded and disbanded. Abolition is the only acceptable solution.


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