Even the IPCC Believes Global Warming Has Stopped

Below, I mentioned that a draft of the newest IPCC report had been leaked.

Via WattsUpWithThat comes this figure from the report that should give all of the global warming boosters pause.
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The four colored (not gray) bands are the forecasts from each successive IPCC report going back to the first in 1990. The gray bands are "confidence intervals." The black bars are actual temperature ranges.

What do you see? Current temperatures are below all of the forecasts (the gray is not a forecast)! Not one of the IPCC reports' forecast ranges are cool enough. So,
  1. Even the IPCC validates the contention that 1998 was the warmest year and that global warming has stopped.
  2. All of their forecasts have been too warm.
  3. There is absolutely no reason to believe their forecasts for 30, 40, 50 years from now based on their miserable track record. 
Finally, the new IPCC report validates what many of us have been saying, that there is no upward trend in natural disasters due to global warming

When I am asked (as I was at a meeting in Tampa a week ago) what world temperatures will do in the future I answer, "I don't know nor does anyone else." The draft report demonstrates even the IPCC now agrees. 


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