Tornado Update 5pm

Yellow = tornado watches. Red = tornado warnings at 4:56pm. Maroom = flash flood warnings.

AccuWeather regional radar at 4:45pm shows numerous super cells in Kansas, each capable of producing a tornado.

The storm on the KS-OK border southwest of Wichita is headed in the general direction of Wichita. If you are in the yellow areas, please continue to monitor the weather for warnings!

Wichita is in an area of potential "strong tornadoes" -- as determined by the Storm Prediction Center and my analysis. Please keep up on the weather in Greater Wichita as I believe a tornado watch will be issued soon.


  1. Mike I'm not understanding why no Eastward extension of the watch yet? Tornadic storms are nearing the eastern edge of the current watch and may be impacting a large metro area within a couple hours.. Also, KAKE headline boldly indicating that WICHITA IS NOT INCLUDED could lead people to ignore the impending threat! Not a good situation!

  2. Just a paramedic: At least according to the weather "radio" app on mi iPhone, Wichita just got included in the watch, now extended til 0200 hrs Sunday. Happened almost simultaneously with your post at 5:23 p.m., Just a paramedic!


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