Storm Shelters Along the Kansas Turnpike

Did you know that when you travel the Kansas Turnpike there are storm shelters along the way?

They are located at the exits and at the rest stops.  The Wichita Eagle has the full details.

"Wichita Eagle" photo of the KTA's Lisa Callahan
climbing into one of the turnpike's roadside tornado shelters. 

“Our biggest problem is getting people to do something safe,” she said. “Mostly people just want to keep driving.”
Turnpike officials want to get the word out about the shelters so motorists near a toll plaza will come there rather than seek shelter beneath an overpass — a dangerous choice that officials are trying to discourage.

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In addition to the shelters, there are weather displays powered by AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions at the rest stops at Belle Plaine, Matfield Green, and Topeka. If a tornado warning is issued, we highlight that specific segment of the highway in red. We also display flash flood, heavy snow, and other information of interest to motorists.

Congratulations to the Kansas Turnpike for these important public services.

ADDITION: The Kansas Turnpike Authority just sent me a complete list of the shelters and their locations. Just click here.


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