Thursday, January 6, 2011

Attention Restaurant Owners and Managers

I try not to post about pet peeves too often, but two dinners in three nights touched two of them:

1.  Moments after the entree is served, the server coming by the table and asking, in a loud voice, Is everything fabulous?!  Why not say, "how is everything?" or "is the food/meal to your liking?"

2.  Tonight, I ordered a cheeseburger. The menu described the bun and the choice of cheese. When the burger came, it had thick layers of lettuce, onions, and mayo -- none of which were in the menu description. They weren't on the side, they were on the burger.

I rechecked the menu just to make sure it wasn't my misreading (it isn't fair to send the food back if it is my mistake). It wasn't; other burgers were listed with mayo, for example, but not the one I ordered.  So, I asked for the burger to be remade.

Thank you for considering this input.

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