Friday, October 1, 2010

Yet Another Satisfied Reader

Hi Mike,

I finished Warnings last week. Excellent! I still wish I had been at WeatherData when Ted Fujita visited. I was studying at KU. Amazing how what I take for common knowledge was resisted so strongly. Ditto for airport microbursts. For [Hurricane] Katrina, "death by bureaucracy" says it all. It really was murder.

The Greensburg story shows that Kansas spirit. It is still a very moving story to this day. Many of those KC and Wichita stories are personal for me. My mother was a teacher at Katherine Carpenter school, and saw that tornado from a mobile classroom. In this case, since the building was hit, the mobile unit was the safer place. :)

It is nice to be able to chat with the author. First time for me. Now I'm rereading, esp the chapters close to home. Awesome!

Jeff House

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