Monday, October 11, 2010

Hail of a Storm in NYC

For the second time in a month, major thunderstorms have struck the New York City area.  The photo below is from WNBC TV NYC, and is of New Jersey hail. Hail and, in some areas, high winds crossed the Hudson into NYC itself.  Click the WNBC link for more photos of the hail in NY.
The photo below is the AccuWeather radar showing the large hail in NJ with the whitish echos the largest hail. This image was captured at 8:31pm, which showed the storm when it was delaying the start of Monday Night Football.

UPDATE: More on the storm here


  1. here's a video I took of the lightning:

  2. Very nice thanks for sharing. For other blog readers, There is a very impressive bolt at 1:44 into the tape. Freeze frame it there and you'll see it.

    Thanks again.


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