Friday, July 16, 2010

What Changes?

Tom Fuller's column is a must-read. In it, he takes on the theme (promoted by lazy writers) that every storm , flood, and drought is due to 'global warming.' Tom is correct: There is no scientific evidence it is true. Tom says,

Politico has published an article co-authored by the new head of one section of the IPCC report that says, "The urgent need to act cannot be overstated. Climate change caused by humans is already affecting our lives and livelihoods — with extreme storms, unusual floods and droughts, intense heat waves, rising seas and many changes in biological systems — as climate scientists have projected."
I am unaware of those impacts and hope someone can point me to stories about them. The comment about extreme storms, unusual floods and droughts is not true.
Roger Pielke, Jr., comes up with the same analysis of the Politico article. There is simply no evidence that 'global warming' is currently causing any of these extremes. 
To Tom and Roger's comments, I'll add one of my own. The International Panel on Climate Change is supposed to be objective and analyze the scientific evidence. It appears Chris Field, incoming to the IPCC and coauthor of the Politico article, has made up his mind before the IPCC work has even started.

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