Friday, November 20, 2009

Major Controversy in Climate Science

I was hoping to avoid the global warming controversy until this blog is better established but events have overtaken my preferences.

If you have been reading the media ( Fox News ) or internet today, you are probably aware that a number of emails and documents were hacked in Great Britian's Climate Research Unit (CRU).  Because I am so busy working with my editor to get Warnings out in time, I have not looked over many of the documents.

That said, there are clearly cases of pro-global warming scientists saying one thing in public ("warming is unequivocal") and something completely different in private ("where the heck is global warming?") during the same week, no less.

I dislike the entire global warming controversy because, as I have stated on a number of occasions, it seems to have tainted atmospheric science.  Unfortunately, the more we learn, the more true this seems to be.

Here are some blogs if you wish to follow the controversy:  Meteorologist Anthony Watts'Steve McIntyre's(which factors heavily in some of the hacked emails) and, on the other side of the issue, Real Climate.

UPDATE:  The best commentary (written for the non-scientist) I have seen is at Powerline.  I agree with John's analysis.  My suspicion that global warming has tainted atmospheric climate science, sadly, has proven to be true.

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