"Reclaiming My Time" - A National Disgrace

I hate publishing political items, but this is just a disgrace. It is a clip of Attorney General Barr 'testifying' before the U.S. House. The committee is chaired by a Democrat and the people in the clip are Democrats. Obviously, it was coordinated in advance ("reclaiming my time") to prevent Attorney General Barr from answering their questions.

Had it been me (and, yes, I have testified before the U.S. House), I would have walked out. Remember: we are paying their salaries. If you are interested, there is more here.

My hope is that by bringing it to peoples' attention, their insulting clown show strategy will have backfired.

Addition: A sad commentary on mutual respect in our nation. I fear the author is correct.

* I just learned this is not the first time this has occurred. It needs to stop!


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